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Business Services

Home Operations understands the importance of keeping your PCs and networks running with a minimum of downtime. We also understand that asking you to bring your PC to us isn't always the most cost effective for your business. Home Operations offers on-site business services.

Home Operations has been working with small businesses for almost as long as we have been servicing PCs. We do not require contracts for most services and our rates are extremely competitive!

In addition to the services we offer on our Home PC Services page we also provide the following:
  • Custom Web Designing - Visit our Custom Web Designing page for more information
  • Data Recovery - If you hard drive has crashed or Windows has been corrupted, give us a call and we'll do our best to recover your important documents and files.
    (In some rare/severe cases the data recovery needs to be done a third party)
  • Backup Solutions - If your business is operating without a backup system for your data then you are tempting fate. Did you know that the average hard drive's life span is only 3 to 5 yrs. If you system is older than that then it is only a matter of time. You could be given as much advanced notice as the last light bulb gave before it quit working. We have dealt with many customers who have lost data, and in some cases it has been beyond our capabilities and out of our hands, with costs over $1,000.00 for recovery. We strongly recommend that you contact us so that we can work with you on developing a cost-effective and reliable backup solution.
  • Custom Microsoft Office Solutions - Whether it is a customized Access Database, an auto calculating Excel spreadsheet, or a detailed PowerPoint presentation - with expert level training in all of the the MS Office Suite Home Operations can help!