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Home Electronics Installed

So maybe Santa thought you were really good this past year and brought you a brand new home theater system, a new gaming system, or maybe an iPod or other music device? Its exciting getting new stuff, but what happens after the heart rate slows a little and after playing around for a while you realize that you don't really know how to set it up. Don't spend wasted time trying to read through thick, confusing manuals to set your new toys up! Home Operations can help - whether its running wires for your surround sound speakers, getting that game console connected to the internet, or downloading your favorite music to your mp3 player!

Give us a call (567) 224-4625 or send us an email, we will set up an appointment to come and look at your equipment and discuss what will be needed to get your system up and running the right way. Then with your approval we will proceed with getting your system set up and running like it was designed to do!
Home Theater Systems   
Hardware LCD/Plasma TVs 
Surrround Sound Systems
Stereo Systems
Gaming Systems
Hardware Xbox
Playstation 3 or older
Nintendo DSi XL 
Portable Music
Hardware iPod Touch
iPod Classic
iPod nano 
MP3 Players (General)