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Common Grounds

Common Grounds is located in the Legacy Life Enrichment Center and is a  thoughtfully designed space filled with an abundance of natural light; interplays of natural textures, shapes and colors creating an oasis for learning and spiritual growth, where you naturally attune to your inner rhythms, allowing you to get away from the demands of the world.  

Common Grounds is created to serve a variety of purposes.   A hospitality area and gathering place to meet with family and friends before and after Legacy services and events, enjoy some coffee, tea, hot chocolate and stimulating conversation.  Small group studies where a more intimate discussion can happen. First Wednesday it is a place where a meal is served from 5:30 to 6:45 before a communion service.

Come to Legacy services and events early and stay late and enjoy a cup of your favorite beverage and meditate next to the fireplace or have conversation with family and friends in an intimate setting designed with you in mind.