Why Choose Us? 
Let’s do this Dave Letterman style:


10. Convenience
9. Integrity
8. Dependability
7. Affordability
6. Accuracy
5. Quality
4. Customer Oriented
3. Its Simple
2. Its Easy
1. And the Number One Reason to Choose Full Service Adams Ind.
-----NO AUTOMATED PHONE SYSTEMS AND BEING PUT ON HOLD!!!!  Simply call, leave us a message,  or drop us a note by
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About Us!


Full Service is a customer driven company…….If there is enough need in a particular aspect of our business, we are not afraid to shift our resources to supply customer satisfaction.  With nineteen years in the machine trades and metal fabrication industry,  experience is a definite asset.  Our company is designed from the ground up to provide big time corporate service,  but with small town hospitability and affordability.  With fabrication shop rates hovering anywhere from fifty dollars an hour and up,  our fabrication rates will allow you to breathe a sigh of relief.

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